Our story begins in 1994, when the artist Valeria Bonisoli and her husband Raffaele Chiappini decided to open a small workshop where the two together work to create household objects that become, in all their parts, works of artistic value. Like all good ideas, it was born in a garage, which then becomes the basement of the house, the fi rst small workshop, the fi rst shed, up to the current processing and painting departments. In 2002 Cartapietra indeed operated its fi rst internal revolution: it changed headquarters, enlarged and was divided into work departments with managers and coordinators. The project of the early days, started then to become a solid reality capable of creating interest and sustaining the working life of many people. Thanks to these results, Cartapietra invested to create something unique, relying on the cohesion of the group and the uniqueness of its products. Nowadays our challenge is to ensure that the company itself becomes the Artist. We keep evolving, but always preserving the style recognizable and exciting that characterizes it. Our company, the people, the history, and even the philosophy of Cartapietra, are nothing but part of the same will: to make sure that people don’t have to leave their home to fi nd art, but art may enter into their home to be enjoyed every day

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